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F Trust AG  http://www.ftrust.ch_K8T0986fino sh

Anya is the Founder and CEO of F Trust (Switzerland) AG. Founded in 2007 and based in Zürich, Switzerland, F Trust AG  provides Company Incorporation & Family Office Services: The incorporation and management of Swiss Companies, European Companies and Offshore Companies and Trusts. The firm also assists in Bank account openings, accounting and Family Office Services. 

The corporate and trustee services offer Corporations and Individuals a turn key solution hold their assets within a structure which optimizes taxation, limits liabilities and allows for leverage against assets. F Trust regularly represents their clients in business transactions and negotiate on their behalf, as well as defend their various Swiss banking needs and legal interests.

Given her background in the finance and venture capital industry, Anya is a trusted advisor to various investors, venture funds and HNWI with regard to: incorporating the right vehicles to house a venture or asset; making sure all interests and taxations are taken into account in the case of an exit; structuring and facilitating the investment transaction; and providing finance, banking and legal resources for the deal.

Anya combines knowledge from two distinctly different industries: that of private banking and that of private equity and venture capital. With an in depth knowledge of financial products and finance structuring, she is equally well versed in the world of early stage companies, new technologies and online media. Her previous roles in banking, such as at Alcor Banque in Luxembourg, Saxo Bank and as Head of business development at LundXY have enabled an expertise and network in both industries.

Anya began her career in online brokerage at Internaxx (the Online brokerage subsidiary of Banque Generale de Luxembourg) and Saxo Bank, where she joined as analyst on the Institutional desk, becoming Business manager to the Co-CEO. She previously worked with PriceWaterHouse Coopers and Arther Andersen. She holds an MBA from ESCP-EAP.

Anya believes a venture well housed and structured is a determining factor to the successful outcome of an investment. Be it an online trader, an entrepreneur, a venture capital fund or an investor: operating out of a carefully selected jurisdiction, separating key actives and books – makes the company more attractive to financing; protects both entrepreneur and investor, allows for smarter taxation and a better exit.

Australian and Danish by birth, Anya has lived and worked in Luxembourg, the UK, Paris, Copenhagen and is now based in Zürich.