F Trust AG – Company Incorporation

Visit F Trust AG website here: http://www.ftrust.ch

You or your company hold a variety of assets. Probably a mixture of businesses, investments, real estate, leisure assets (cars, boat…) art, and philanthropic90 investments. Or you may simply be looking at investing in something or looking for the best place to put your money.

By housing these companies and assets in the right vehicle (operational company, holding company, offshoore company, trust, foundation..) in the right jurisdiction, you can make sure that:

You minimise your taxation and personal as well corporate exposure

You have anonymity and liability control

You can use and access these assets, for financing, for personal reasons, or corporate goals.

You have an efficient and cost effective structure, where you know what is where and that someone is overseeing it, making sure all administration is taken care of and you receive regular updates about the progress.

We can help you make sure your assets are optimally housed. Please email info@ftrust.ch with any questions.

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